The “Melted Cheese.” (+ bacon.) I had it on good authority from some important locals that Mihm’s had the market corned on “buttery goodness.” (As it happens, they also have the market cornered on fleshy, depressed waitresses with no dental coverage, and pants-shitting dispair.) All things considered, this was an important grease-mark on my quest for grilled cheese perfection. Unfortunately, Mihm’s doesn’t actually make a grilled cheese sandwich. They seem to think they do, (note “G CH” notation, above) and they did get all the ingredients right, (bread, butter, cheese…more butter) but, alas. Despite this minor set back, we feast:

*sigh* Nevermind. (Okay, if you must know, it was 3 slices american, 2 slices bacon, and a 1/4 stick butter on a hamburger bun. It tasted about how it sounds. Disappointing, but not terrible.)

THIS, on the other hand, is what people come to Mihm’s for: delicious, butterlogged, terrifyingly wet cheeseburgers. When we order, the waitress asks, “Pickles, onions, and butter?”

I think my heart just stopped.